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p:redictions and r:esults | round 16

It’s always fun to peruse the fixtures and sort them into two categories, those with one player clearly being expected to win and those, where I have no clue and for which the words ‘could go either way’ are the best way to describe.

(m:ore or less clear) favorite (left name)

  • [1] Barty vs Anisimova | 64 63
  • [14] Halep vs Cornet | Cornet def Halep 64 36 64
  • [2] Sabalenka vs Kanepi | Kanepi def Sabalenka 57 62 71067
  • [7] Swiatek vs Cirstea | 57 63 63

c:ould go either way

  • [21] Pegula vs [5] Sakkari | 760 63
  • [4] Krejcikova vs [24] Azarenka | 62 62
  • Keys vs [8] Badosa | 63 61
  • [27] Collins vs [19] Mertens | 46 64 64

23/1/22 – Three of the expectedly narrow matches nice and easy two-set wins. So far as to my predictions. 😉 Let’s see, how Anisimova does against my clear favorite Barty… …a narrow edge-of-the-seater, probably, with Barty eventually in front by that infamous whisker. Or a nice and easy two-set win. Or whatever. The only really clear thing is, that Anisimova definitely would have to go the distance in order to win it. Which she will not. Will she? No, Barty on home soil, unthinkable a fourth-round loss. — Well, a Barty party again. Nice!

24/1/22 – Nowadays my priorities lie in my main profession. Tomorrow I will be rehearsing my compositions with some fellow musicians which will hinder me from following the second half of the round 16 action as closely as I normally would’ve liked to. But it feels worthwhile working on this project, which I call ‘Last Challenge Remaining’ and in which there are some references to my time at the tennis courts with tunes like ‘Rain Delay’, ‘Katha Song’ and others. Good to have some time to prepare it properly for the stage. Let’s hope, that next year everything is a bit more relaxed as for live music experiences. The tennis results will be filled in here asap. ————- Well, ok. Cirstea and Kanepi both are surprise bags from the year one. Capable of world class tennis in one week and of mishitting each and every ball in the next one. For the Estonian it was one of the good days today. A pity, that Mertens didn’t make it. I’m always with the decent ones, the nice and down to earth ones. Not with the overambitious and bumptious divas. Sakkari I do like but am really happy for Jessica Pegula to reach the quarter finals. Halep would’ve been the better cast for the quarters. So now it’s Collins vs Cornet, a fact, which allows me to buoyantly do anything else during that match.