s:tuttgart ’22 #1

s:tuttgart and the world

  • In October 2021 Katharina Gerlach reached the final in Guyaquil/Ecuador, lost it to Laura Pigossi. This was the last time she got that far. This week in Oeiras/Portugal is another good one for her, giving her a reason to skip the Stuttgart qualifying, with easy first and third round wins and a more tricky one in the second round. Now the semifinal. Stunning comeback from 14 to 44. The set eventually goes to Diana Shnaider, by 64. Four Germans in the Stuttgart Q1, Schunk and Lys already through, Guth out to Sanders, Korpatsch in round two as well Stunning fighting spirit of the German again in the second set. Against a definitely superior opponent [POV], who leads by ’31 by now. 32′. 4’2. 52′. 62 Well then, a success anyway given all the early losses in the recent past. Now perhaps a wild card for Stuttgart???
  • Ok, even more than playing doubles matches, which are of financial interest as well, the BJK-Cup is good for the normally so solitary players, giving them the opportunity of building teams. But it’s not mine. Where nationalism can lead we all see right now a few miles to the east of where I live, which is of course Germany. Just heard in the news that the German team lost today. Ok, well then…

Katharina Gerlach