s:tuttgart ’22 #2 / i:stanbul ’22 #1

tennis is qualifying

  • qualifying action galore in both cities today. If I’ll find something stunning or surprising I’ll will come up with my thoughts as to that later.
  • In Stuttgart Schunk and Lys proceed, Korpatsch out to Sanders. Nothing special to report from Istanbul.
  • I do like this weeks title image by the way, which I chose because it was made in Stuttgart. Retired Annika Beck, a medical doctor probably by now, or a loving housewife and mother, or both, practicing intensely in the foreground with whom I believe to be Anett Kontaveit with her coach sitting in the blur, rapt in ambitious talking.

Had to ‘behead’ player Marina Melnikova, who has won her qualifying match against Zakharova today in two sets, in order to make the funny statement which reminds me of my numerous pit stops at the dentists in the last half year or so. The picture was taken during my fifth time being at the tennis courts with my camera, way back in May 2016 at a ‘Bundesliga’ event in Moers.