Title: Martina Hingis.

“Your life is your life. Don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission. Be on the watch. There are ways out. There is light somewhere. It may not be much light but it beats the darkness. Be on the watch. The gods will offer you chances. Know them. Take them. You can’t beat death but you can beat death in life, sometimes. And the more often you learn to do it, the more light there will be. Your life is your life. Know it while you have it. You are marvelous. The gods wait to delight in you.”
– Charles Bukowski

Some deep words from the master. Constantly fitting, hence for 2021 as well. May the force be with us all.

Here’s to Naomi Osaka, an amazing player and person.

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Have a good one, everybody. Stay healthy and safe!


tennis life #121

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17/1/21 – Thx again to that WTA photographer for ‘honouring’ my aesthetical ideas by imitating them… … …well, listen, I know, that it sounds a bit paranoid. Could be, that players knowing my work put him on this path. Making wishes for certain photo results they saw on my site. Or the folks at the WTA ordered him to go in that direction. I know, that they are aware of what I am doing here because they forced me to change the name of this site due to trademark protection concerns. (I had written them a letter once in which I applied as a photographer which might’ve led them to do so.) Or he himself, ‘Jimmie 48’, whom I met on several occasions, came to the inner conclusion that it won’t cut a dash if he starts to… …no, let’s not say ‘steal’… …’adapt’ my style looking for ways to improve his results. Fact is, that after a while more and more black and white photos appeared in his name. Now he’s obviously on the post production and contre-jour trip. All these conclusions are not ironclad. But they certainly are in the zone of ‘all likelihood’. And I want him/them to see, that I draw these conclusions, embracing the possibility of appearing weird, paranoid and hybristically resentful to the not involved reader. No, au contraire I am always happy to see good photos. And as the most tricky lesson for me is to learn true humbleness I humbly welcome every opportunity to go into that school. Don’t worry, be happy! How splendid, that the AO ’21 can be held under these difficult circumstances. Looking forward to watching good tennis there again. Take care, everybody. Stay healthy and safe!


All liability is excluded, all information is given without guarantee of being complete, correct and up-to-date.

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Jun 14 – Jun 20, 2021 – R32
Ekaterina Alexandrova vs Anna Kalinskaya
Amanda Anisimova vs Alize Cornet
[5] Belinda Bencic vs Jule Niemeier
Magdalena Frech vs Madison Keys

Jun 14 – Jun 20, 2021 – R32
[1] Elise Mertens vs Ajla Tomljanovic
Harriet Dart vs Caroline Garcia
Viktorija Golubic vs Heather Watson
Hsieh Su-wei vs [8] Marie Bouzkova
Samantha Stosur vs Tereza Martincova
Coco Vandeweghe vs Kristyna Pliskova
Francesca Jones vs [3] Donna Vekic
Camila Giorgi vs Giulia Gatto-Monticone


Jun 6 – Jun 13, 2021 – F
[1] Johanna Konta def [4] Zhang Shuai 62 61

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Just checked my new webcam, which I need in order to give piano lessons to my students via ZOOM. Yes, this is how I’m looking now. My apologies for that!


OCTOBER 12 – 20, 2019

In 2019 the folks of Luxembourg enchanted and surprised me by granting me an accreditation right in the middle of the tournament. I had asked for it once some years before but that had dashed against the objection of the local press photographers who didn’t want to allow foreign (German) togs in their stomping ground, which led me to coming back year by year as a regular customer with a camera. The local guys had seen me being focused on my work and making nice contact to lots of staff members, players and so on, some of them might have had a look at the photos on my website… …and now they finally had accepted me and that badge was the nicest acknowledgement of my photographic work so far. Here a few examples of what I did there back in cozy pre-Covid ’19. This year the tournament is entirely cancelled, which is a pity! Fingers crossed for 2021. next

Elise Mertens [15/10/19]
Elise Mertens [15/10/19]
Elise Mertens [15/10/19]
Cori Gauff [15/10/19]
Cori Gauff [15/10/19]
Monica Puig [15/10/19]
Alison Van Uytvanck [15/10/19]
Monica Puig [15/10/19]
Marta Kostyuk [15/10/19]
Sorana Cirstea [15/10/19]
Denisa Allertova [14/10/19]
Tatiana Maria [14/10/19]
Shelby Rogers [14/10/19]
Margarita Gasparyan [14/10/19]
Margarita Gasparyan [14/10/19]
Victoria Kuzmova [14/10/19]
Ysaline Bonaventure [14/10/19]
Antonia Lottner [14/10/19]
Katie Volynets [14/10/19]
Elena Gabriela Ruse[14/10/19]
Elena Gabriela Ruse[14/10/19]
Chloe Paquet [14/10/19]
Chloe Paquet [14/10/19]
Eden Silva [13/10/19]
Kaya Juvan [13/10/19]
Mandy Minella [13/10/19]
Katharina Hobgarski [12/10/19]
Tatiana Golovin [12/10/19]
Renata Voracova [12/10/19]
Lesley Pattinama Kerkhove [12/10/19]
Stefanie Voegele [12/10/19]
Stefanie Voegele [12/10/19]
Eleonora Molinaro [12/10/19]
Amandine Hesse [12/10/19]
Victoria Muntean [12/10/19]
Eleonora Molinaro [12/10/19]
Cori Gauff [19/10/19]
Dalila Jakupovic [12/10/19]
Katarzyna Piter [12/10/19]
Laura-Ioana Paar [12/10/19]
Jelena Ostapenko [20/10/19] - no prisoners, 64 61.
Julia Goerges [20/10/19] - pre match concentration
Cori Gauff [19/10/19]
Jelena Ostapenko [19/10/19 - Match Point.]
Camila Giorgi [15/10/19]
Julia Goerges [19/10/19]
Julia Goerges [19/10/19]
Cori Gauff [19/10/19]
Julia Goerges [19/10/19]
Jelena Ostapenko [19/10/19]
Jelena Ostapenko [19/10/19]
Anna Blinkova [19/10/19]
Julia Goerges [17/10/19]
Elise Mertens [17/10/19]
Anna Blinkova [17/10/19]
Miyu Kato [17/10/19]
Jelena Ostapenko [18/10/19]
Cori Gauff [18/10/19]
Laura Siegemund [18/10/19]
Elena Rybakina [18/10/19]
Sorana Cirstea [17/10/19]
Monica Puig [17/10/19]
Cori Gauff [17/10/19]
Mandy Minella [17/10/19]
Monica Puig [17/10/19]
Tatiana Maria [17/10/19] At least no double bagel. 06 16 against merciless Blinkova.
Misaki Doi [16/10/19]
Denisa Allertova [16/10/19]
Julia Goerges [16/10/19]
Laura Siegemund [16/10/19]
Cori Gauff [16/10/19]
Misaki Doi [16/10/19]
Monica Puig [15/10/19]
Tamara Korpatsch [15/10/19]
Camila Giorgi [15/10/19]
Marta Kostyuk [15/10/19]
Laura Siegemund [15/10/19]
Sorana Cirstea [15/10/19]
Cori Gauff [15/10/19]
Alona Bolsova [14/10/19]
Denisa Allertova [14/10/19]
Viktoria Kuzmova [14/10/19]
Monica Niculescu [14/10/19]
Elena Gabriela Ruse [14/10/19]
Bibiane Schoofs [13/10/19]
Ysaline Bonaventure [13/10/19]
Chloe Paquet [13/10/19]
Jessika Ponchet [13/10/19]
Stefanie Voegele [13/10/19]
Mandy Minella [13/10/19]
Diana Marcinkevica [12/10/19]
Laura-Ioana Paar [12/10/19]


Fiddling around with my image manipulation program lead me to these attempts. Here a little ‘BestOf’, more to come… next


Players get stuck in this tennis monoculture at a very young age, quarantining themselves, working so hard for success, sacrificing their ‘normal’ lives, finally making some money with it, replacing the flavor of being human with expensive fashion, luxury vacations, allegedly fancy or ‘sexy’ selfies and photoshoots in their scarce spare time. Decency and pure love for the sport one can luckily find everywhere as well. Yet often there is a severe gap between their approach to what they imagine as to be beautiful and mine.
But no matter how impressing their off-court lives may be (or not), when they’re swinging their rackets everything changes completely. Suddenly there is all the holy abandon for the sport, the magic of making for their very best in order to realize the impossible in each and every second. Conjurers of the subconsciousness of split seconds whenever they enter the courts. Pure energy and intuition. Like mermaids always seeming a bit out of place being ashore and developing all their beauty and elegance just in the very moment they’re allowed to dive into their element. This is what I’m interested in. Call me a ‘mermaid-underwater-photographer’.


Dear Player,
thanks for being interested in my photos. I really appreciate that. Many of you ask me to send them by email. Sorry here, but I decided to refrain from that. I only want to publish edited greyscale pics and just don’t have the time to deal with each and any request as thoroughly as you would deserve it. But you can and may download every image you find on this site for your private use. If you decide to post them on social media, please give proper credit to http://www.beautyofTENNIS.com.


Tennis players are “figures of contemporary society par excellence” and as such I felt entitled to make this attempt at portraying “BeautyOfTennis”. If there are objections to that by whomsoever, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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14/11/20 – Installed this new counter today, who claims to be able to deal a bit more restrictively with spamming. Let’s see… Over the years there might have been roughly 300k visits here. Fun starting from scratch again…

16/11/20 The spam control seems to be ok, yet the ‘Today’s Visits’ category doesn’t display the correct tally on the front end. But I see the appropriate stats in the background, which is sufficient for me right now. Today at 5:15am there are 4 visitors as of yet, which is pretty normal for a Monday morning.

One should count each day a separate life. ~ Marcus Annaeus Seneca

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