Hi there,

Mülheim/Germany, Jan 1, ’23

Thanks for stopping by on a more or less regular basis.

As you see I chose a new layout for the new year. And what I did is put the old stuff (Images, comments, detailed tournament reports) on private in order to decide later, what to do with it.

More into music than tennis right now. My apologies for that. But I will keep on updating this by adding images as often as possible.

Right now it’s fun to find images for the swiftly growing ‘header image’ department, with more or less frequent updating on the front end. And for your entertainment I started that ‘d:aily three’ thing, with, as it it says, three daily photos of the same player.

Check out the new ‘Wheat’ section with a choice of 131 images I distilled from the over thousand pics I had parked in the ‘my folders’ posts in the earlier version. There will be more to watch soon, promised.

Have a good and healthy 2023, everybody. Stay safe and sound!

P.S.: If you only see parts of an image, right-click or press and hold on it and chose ‘open image in new tab’. On your mobile device you might just switch from portrait to landscape in order to see the entire picture.

All photos are downloadable strictly for private use. If you want to post them on social media you may do so by giving proper credit to beautyoftennis.com.

All other use is strictly prohibited.

P.S.: The gallery which opens first when clicking on an image comes up with automatically downscaled images which leads to them getting a little bit blurry when being upscaled again. Still no clue how to change that. The gallery is good for having a quick look, that’s why I’m leaving it this way. But if you want to view all the clearity and sharpness you better use the white lightbox which opens after closing the black gallery. There you can use the ‘play’ arrow in the upper right corner in order to start a convenient slideshow and lay back to enjoy the stuff.