t:houghts on a day off #I

g:erman players on the map

  • Well ok, we Germans don’t show up in the top rankings nowadays, women-wise. But we have this nice and prestigious tournament in Stuttgart, wich will be taking place next week. Although it’s holidays where I live I will not go there this year. They have banned long lenses for normal visitors a couple of years ago, and an accreditation I don’t get, as I was allowed to make the experience by trying and applying twice. Not even an answer. They’ll stream it on WTA-TV and I’m looking very much forward to just watching and appreciating the action. As I recently explained to a piano student of mine it’s quite worthwhile for me not to be on site with my camera, because if I do I’m always totally focused on the shooting process and don’t get much of the original sports action and dramaturgy, which I am so fond of.
  • And German players are spread quite impressingly all over the map. With Korpatsch being finalist in Marbella and Siegemund having won the doubles trophy in Miami a fortnite ago last week it was Maria winning Bogota. Now it’s ITF action again, with Zaia in Santa Margherita di Pula/Sardinia/Italy main draw and Middendorf in the qualifying there, Papadakis, the Morderger Twins and Jebawy in the Bellinzona/Switzerland qualifying, some youngsters in Calvi/Corsica/France, Barthel and Vecic in the Nottingham/UK main draw and Wirges in the qualy. And, last not least, Gerlach in Oeiras/Lisbon/Portugal for the second time (and Seibold in the qualifying there). As I expressed before I appreciate it when players and their teams decide to stay at one place for two or more consecutive weeks in order to reduce their carbon footprints. Even if that might be not the main goal behind that decision for them. It’s the outcome, that counts. Last week Gerlach lost in the round of 16 to eventual runner-up Tomova. Fingers crossed for this week.
  • Now I see, that Julia Lohoff née Wachaczyk is also playing today, doubles in Palm Harbor/Florida/USA, and she even does it as nothing less than a member of the #1 seeded team.

Angelina Wirges